Identity Theft Gang's Customers Wanted by the Police

The Metropolitan Police has warned it is working to track down 11,000 customers of a gang that specialised in providing fake IDs.

The people behind the online enterprise, Confidential Access (CA), sold fake IDs, documents and tips on how to commit fraud to their clients. Read the full story from the BBC....

Watchdog finds undeleted data on second hand hard drives

One in 10 second-hand hard drives still contain the original user's personal information, suggests an investigation by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). It purchased devices from auction sites such as eBay and computer fairs.

Of the 200 hard disks collected, 11% contained personal information. Read the full story from the BBC....

Secure Technology Forcing Criminals To Resort To Telephone And Cheque Scams

Credit Card Fraud Falls: Secure Technology Forcing Criminals To Resort To Telephone And Cheque Scams.  Detective Chief Inspector Paul Barnard, head of the industry-sponsored dedicated cheque and plastic crime unit, said: "As technological advances have made our payments more secure, we've seen a spike in more simplistic crimes.  Read the full story from the Huffington Post...

Online Fraud Falls

Online fraud falls to its lowest level for 11 years. The amount of money lost due to fraud on credit and debit cards fell last year by 7% to £341m - its lowest level for 11 years. Read the full story from the BBC....

Online Fraudsters Steal £3.3 Billion

The BBC report that Hi-tech thieves who specialise in card fraud have a credit line in excess of $5bn (£3.35bn), research suggests. Read the full story.

Police Arrest 178 linked to £17 million Fake Credit Card Scam

Police across 12 European countries and the US and Australia have arrested 178 people believed to be linked to a network producing fake credit cards in an international scam worth more than £17 million. Read the full story...

Mobile Users at Risk of Identity Theft

The BBC have reported that a recent survey suggests that 4.2 million Britons store data on their mobiles that could be used in identity theft if they are stolen.

Read the full story.

Conmen Abuse Web Address Checks

The BBC report that Loopholes in the way addresses are checked by online stores are helping fraudsters cash in, say experts.

The flaw means goods bought with stolen credit cards do not trigger security systems that check addresses. Read the full story.

Report e-mail scams, National Fraud Authority Urges

Report e-mail scams, National Fraud Authority urges Millions of Britons who receive scam letters and e-mails are now being urged to forward them on just the once - to the National Fraud Authority. Read the full story....

Digital Criminal Report

Insurer Legal & General warns that users of social networking sites are posting personal details like their address online - and then updating the sites with details of when they are holiday.  Read the full PDF report.

US Man Stole 130 Million Card Numbers

The BBC report that US prosecutors have charged a man with stealing data relating to 130 million credit and debit cards.

Officials say it is the biggest case of identity theft in American history. Read the full story.

Card Details Stolen in Web Hack

The credit card details of up to 38,000 customers of clothing firm Cotton Traders were stolen following a hack of its website, BBC News has learned.

Read the full story.

Huge Rise in Credit Card Crime

The number of victims of the “hidden crime” of card fraud has leapt by 40 per cent in a year to more than 2.4 million people.

Credit and debit card fraud, which cost the banks £440 million last year, is rising fast at a time when figures for other types of crime indicate that the feared recession crimewave has failed to materialise.

Read the full story from the Times.

Card Cloning Probe Goes Worldwide

More than 500 allegations of bank card cloning linked to a Bournemouth petrol station go as far afield as Taiwan and Australia, police have said.

The Malthurst Westview service station was shut after at least 25 people called police on Bank Holiday Monday. Read the full story.

Net Card Fraud Underestimated

The extent to which criminals are targeting the internet for credit and debit card fraud is far greater than earlier estimates, new figures suggest.

Banking industry data shows card losses from phone, internet or mail order crime totalled £290.5m in 2007. Read the full story.

Fed Chairman Bernanke Falls Victim to Identity Theft

Mr Bernanke's personal bank account became entangled in an elaborate identity-theft scheme after his wife Anna's purse was stolen last August at a Starbucks coffee shop in Washington DC. According to a police report, it contained her Social Security card, cheque book, credit cards and IDs. Read the full story from the Telegraph.

Plastic Card Fraud Falls by 23%

The amount of fraud being committed on plastic cards across the country fell in the first half of the year, industry body Financial Fraud Action UK says.

Losses totalled £233m in the six months - down by 23% on both the first and second halves of last year.  Read the full story from the BBC...

Identity Clash Woman Changes Name

Repeated demands to settle unpaid bills have forced the Berkshire victim of an identity clash to change her name by deed poll. Read the rest of the story from the BBC.

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